Using Technology To Improve Customer Service

In today’s ever changing world of business, it is becoming more important than ever to use technological developments to improve your organization’s overall efficiency & delivered quality. Here at Matworks we have taken the initiative to update our communications networks to improve the quality of customer service we are delivering. On the reasoning behind this improvement, Vice President of Operations, Jared Agan states, “We were responding to the noise level rather than knowing what was going on and conducting business in a proactive way. We wanted to establish the company as one with honesty, integrity, and a focus on customer service”.mobile-devices

In January 2016 we adopted the mobile platform workflow solutions provider, ProntoForms into our day to day operations. This technology allows us to visualize data, view reports, and analyze performance and compliance information in near-real time. Thanks to this framework, we are able to schedule sales and support more efficiently; teams are able to schedule visits at the right locations at the right time, address customer needs in a more responsive way, and view customer updates and engage appropriately in real-time.

Agan explains, “The system has helped us move from assumptions and hunches to using actual data to make decisions”. As a whole, the ProntoForms system has helped us improve service quality, increase transparency, and raise customer satisfaction scores. Since the adoption of this technology we have been able to reduce overdue service calls by 75% while cutting costs and improving efficiency through improved tracking and review systems. The use of this technology has been nothing but beneficial to our business and we don’t plan on stopping here, Matworks is currently in the first phase of our mobility initiative. In the future we plan on expanding the system to gather operations data from the field and to better tie together the management team. Overall, we care about being responsive externally and internally so we can deliver the highest quality product in the most efficient and effective manner.

About The Matworks
The Matworks is a team of individuals with vast industry knowledge, committed to supporting the core values of its employees and customers. By taking a holistic approach, we are positioned to understand the needs, challenges and risks associated with all flooring solutions.

The Matworks offers 50 years of expertise combined with the dexterity to be entrepreneurial, we are more than a flooring company – we are risk managers, business advisors and partners in your success. Our comprehensive flooring solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.