The True Cost of Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are a major concern for retailers and businesses. According to a report by Zurich North America that focuses on hazards related to snow and ice, the average cost of a slip and fall to an organization is $30,670. In addition to claims by consumers there are also a high number of incidents reported by workers. For a retailer with thousands of visitors per year and hundreds of employees, these claims can cost millions. The good news is the number of claims can be reduced if the right maintenance and flooring plan is in place.

We recommend the following best practices when considering how to mitigate risk in your entrance or lobby:

1. Be sure to have an expert evaluate all of the factors that contribute to risks such as moisture, floor surface materials, overhead coverage and treatment of transitional areas between parking areas and the entrance.

2. Vestibules should have recessed grid systems or permanent carpet installed that act as scrapers on shoe bottoms to remove dirt, debris and moisture.

3. Quality matting, inlaid carpet tiles or permanent carpet tiles with beveled edges should be provided at the interior door threshold and extend 15 to 20 feet into the building to provide additional wiping of shoe bottoms.

4. Maintenance is as critical as the products or systems chosen.

5. The use of caution or wet floor signs is highly recommended to give employees and consumers notice that the floor is slippery when wet. The lack of notice is mentioned often with employee and consumer claims and may cause claim reserves to be increased significantly.


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