Gallant Wall System: Moving Beyond Flooring

The Matworks is continuously looking for ways to address pain points with our customers, oftentimes not related to flooring but rather other areas of retail operations. One such example is our recent innovation of the Gallant Wall System. This alternative to drywall offers a range of flexibility rarely found in commercial applications.

Why should a retailer consider the innovative Gallant Wall system? Here are the top reasons why we are testing this product and anticipate more interest from customers:

• Easier to Install: Can be installed by one person where drywall requires at least two people to hold it in place.

• Faster Installation: Lead installer with 30 years of drywall experience indicated that the wall at the test site (a national discount retailer with more than 11,000 locations) would have taken three days to install drywall versus the one day it actually took to install the Gallant Wall system.

• Handling & Storage: Drywall requires heavy machinery, more manpower and takes up more space to store. Gallant Wall system arrives on a crate that can easily be moved around by a single person using a forklift.

• Gallant Wall is a finished product. Simply install and done. Eliminates
patching, taping, sanding and painting.

• Does not require special temperature conditions to be installed while drywall requires water and appropriate temperature conditions for the drywall compound.

• Strong and Durable Product: Eliminates plywood framing construction typically needed for pharmacies, cash rooms, and other special rooms.

• Reduces waste since the cut panels are reused at the ends.

Here’s a quick comparison of drywall vs. Gallant:



Feature Drywall Gallant
Extra storage space needed at jobsite X
Heavy equipment needed to move materials X
Installation requires two or more people X
Finished product X
Suitable for any environment X
Reduced installation time X

Gallant Spec Sheet

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