Service Solutions

Nationwide Janitorial & Floorcare Services with data-driven guidance and dedicated account care

TEC, a services division of The Matworks, provides store managers and leadership with the personal attention and actionable information needed to control and provide their customers the very best first impression, every time they visit your store.

We are providing nightly services in 20 states, nearly 40 million square feet per night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in almost 700 locations from coast to coast.

Our Solution is Driven by

The Matworks comprehensive janitorial & floorcare service model is driven by the three components we believe should matter most:


Honesty is one of our core values. We share our internal operational cost data freely with our


We create value in our
relationships by focusing on exemplary service delivery - NOT on increasing our margins.


Committed Account Supervision is unique in our industry. We manage our services through dedicated Area QA Managers and Associates in the field.

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What TEC Means for your Organization

Committed Account Supervision


We are an open book!

The foundation of our business and our T.E.C. Service Solution is Transparency. We freely share in the ongoing service operations, providing detailed plans with actual reporting and analysis.

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We deliver what we promise!

...And we don't charge for what we don't deliver. With nearly 50 years servicing retail, our reputation defines who we are. We create value in our relationships by focusing on exemplary service delivery – NOT by increasing our margins at the expense of performance. We know the importance of trust when building strong partnerships, and we work hard every day to earn that trust.

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Committed Account Supervision

One Account, One Dedicated Manager

We manage our services through dedicated Account-Specific Account Directors and Quality Assurance Associates in the field. These Managers are 100% focused on one single account; NOT on a vast territory. Establishing and maintaining a location-specific relationship with client managers at all levels is key to our model’s success. Our team visits all client locations for a quality assurance walkthrough with the expectations of once every two weeks, and a goal of once a week.

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We have seen a 75% reduction in customers calling us for overdue service or to re-do a cleaning job. When you calculate the value of their saved labor, travel time, and cleaning supplies, the solution pays for itself multiple times over. Jared Agan, VP of Operations & General Manager

Mobile Technology Driving Accountability Manage Performance Efficiently

No expense was spared in developing the most effective mobile field data capture solution and pairing it with our enterprise level digital work order management solution.

Together these two key investments in technology allow us to provide real-time, data-driven guidance for improving operational process
and overall accountability.

Key Benefits:

  • Collect data quickly and accurately
  • Deliver information in real-time
  • Improve productivity & project processing
  • And much more!
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Our Technology Focuses on Two Key Components

Work Order Management + Performance Monitoring

Work Order
Management Program

Our work order management program allows us to track, schedule and trend our scopes of work across the country in an organized, electronic fashion. It has customer-facing capabilities where a client can enter a work order and send it to our teams, ultimately eliminating email requests.

Mobile Forms

The Matworks management team has developed a mobile application that allows for the rapid collection & submission of field data via iPhones & iPads. Web forms have made it easy for us to monitor the performance of individuals and teams to track the number of completed tasks and identify opportunites to improve upon our services.

What This Means for You

With all of these tools at our disposal, Matworks is able to be a proactive partner, providing the right service at the right time. Clients can easily see when and where a service was provided, review due dates for future services, and confirm scheduled delivery dates for additional services.

Take Control of Your Janitorial Services

Your store environment should be immaculate, the team that cleans your store environment should be honest and communicative, and your needs should be made the highest priority. If this description does not fit your current janitorial service, we want to help!