Pharmacy Flooring: Leading the Way in Employee Productivity and Comfort

Over 20 years ago, Matworks was asked by one of their key national customers to help develop a solution for their pharmacists, who often stand for over 10 hours a day. Matworks was built on finding innovative solutions for our customers to help them improve employee productivity and comfort so naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to help.

Pharmacists spend hours walking between compounding areas, computer terminals and service counters. Rarely do we walk into a pharmacy and see the pharmacist or their techs sitting while dispensing medication. This extended standing time contributes to stress on their back, fatigue and pain in various extremities. In a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association ( 13% of all workers who experience pain in the workplace say this reduces their productivity levels.

Employers recognize the obligation they have to provide solutions for their employees that will enable them to leave work in the same manner in which they arrived. One of Matworks customers recently shared, “Creating a safe and healthy environment not only provides a significant ROI but it is our moral obligation”; we couldn’t agree more.

The right anti-fatigue pharmacy flooring can reduce or eliminate fatigue — along with related health and safety hazards, while improving worker productivity. PreferenceEze and PharmaEze are two options Matworks has developed, both widely used in over 4,000 pharmacies nationally. PreferenceEze is a needle punch fiber top surface with foam backing that can be used as a runner or wall-to-wall. PharmaEze is a puzzle cut black foam rubber product made of a unique two-piece construction.

Pharma Eze Pharmacy Flooring

Pharma Eze Pharmacy Flooring

Preference Eze

Preference Eze

The use of anti-fatigue solutions helps improve worker productivity and eliminate many of the work-related health problems caused by standing in one location for long periods of time. Making use of these systems is an important part of the big picture when it comes to improving worker productivity and reducing employer costs.

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