Not Your Ordinary Entrance – Using a Variety of Products to Mitigate Risk While Maintaining a Beautiful Look

We’ve discussed options for entrances, from using high-density carpet tiles to heavy-duty grid systems in highly trafficked areas. We know from more than 50 years in this business that entrance systems are critical to reducing maintenance costs and mitigating risks. But how do you know which entrance system or product is the right one for your environment?

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution because every entrance and environment is unique, there are a number of important factors we take into consideration when evaluating an entrance from a risk management perspective. The following are general criteria we evaluate when recommending an entrance system. It’s important to remember that entrances often involve multiple products for various zones (i.e. outside entrance, vestibule and interior entrance).


Retail encompasses a broad range of categories from grocery to home improvement to consumer retail goods for example. Each of these may require a different entrance solution to address the following concerns – store traffic, shopping cart loads, type of goods transported through the entrance, weather, etc. A store specializing in home improvement goods located in an area where moisture is high would use a different solution than a pharmacy located in a dry climate for instance.

Product spotlight:

Grid systems are ideal for high traffic entrances where heavy loads are typical and moisture is a factor. These systems offer flexible configurations, easily replaced sections and considerably reduce moisture going into a store to lower the chances of slips and falls.



As mentioned above, the type of entrance and retail category can influence the type of entrance solution recommended. Another important factor is the location of the store as well as weather considerations. A grocery store in the Pacific Northwest will require moisture-reducing solutions more than a store in Florida might.


Product spotlight:

Using the example above, the right entrance solution may encompass the use of several different types of products. A combination of high-density carpet tiles in a vestibule plus walk-off mats in the interior entrance may offer the best coverage against wet floors and potential risks associated with moisture.


Often overlooked when considering what entrance solution is right for your organization, maintenance can be a huge factor in reducing risks. If an entrance is outfitted with the wrong product for its environment and not maintained properly, liabilities increase. For example, a low-quality carpet tile is installed and not maintained regularly so dirt, debris and moisture erode the adhesive and tiles begin to pop up or curl. This creates a tripping hazard for consumers entering the store and a big liability for your organization.


Product Spotlight:

Monster Tile, an exclusive Matworks product, is high quality, durable and versatile and reduces slips and falls while improving the appearance of entrances.

To summarize, selecting the right products using a thorough approach and analysis is the key to implementing an entrance system that reduces risks while maintaining your brand’s aesthetic.

As an expert in retail flooring, we can help you identify areas where consumers may perceive shortcomings in your store’s entryway and beyond. Contact us with any questions and we will respond with a custom solution:


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