Mats: The Benefit of Buying vs. Renting

The Matworks began nearly 50 years ago as a mat rental and laundering company and for many years this was the primary service we offered our national retail customers. As our business and the needs of our customers evolved, so too did the mat rental business. Matworks began working with global suppliers and market leaders who had the ability to produce quality commercial products that could last for years. With high quality and value engineering in mind, we worked closely with our customers to determine that buying a high quality dense fiber product was much more cost effective than renting.

Here’s what we learned after 25 years in the rental business and another 25 selling high quality purchased mats:

Cost Savings

  • We estimate the cost to rent one 4’ x 6’ mat with a standard three-year contract is approximately $800 annually. Most companies require more than one mat, multiply this times several mats and you’re looking at several thousand dollars. Compared to the investment in purchasing a high-quality, durable mat such as Matworks Zephyr, Monster, Dreadnought, Preference or Ambassador, the difference is certain.
  • A recent ROI analysis for a grocery chain produced an $800k savings over a three-year period. Additionally, purchased mats come with a warranty, will not shrink, wrinkle, curl or become trip hazards.


  • Some mat rentals companies may not stock a variety of colors and sizes. If your organization’s aesthetic or functional requirements are not standard you will be forced to pick from a limited selection.

Safety & Quality

  • Rental mats tend to stay in circulation for many years, thus reducing the quality. They can break down with constant washing; the hot water and chemicals can have an effect on the durability of the fiber. Throughout years of circulation, dirt and water can be tracked into the building, necessitating more maintenance and potential safety hazards.
  • When renting multiple mats from the same company you could receive mats in completely different conditions. Some may not be exactly the same size, causing tripping hazards.


Investing in high quality mats from a company who has been designing and manufacturing product for national retailers for nearly 50 years is more cost-effective long term, while reinforcing the image of your brand.

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