Since 1966, the Matworks has remained committed to delivering innovative outcomes through products and services to our customers. A critical element of this philosophy is to consistently stay ahead of trends and the impact they will have on both the industry and our customers.

  • At the Matworks, we believe a problem cannot be solved without considering both the perspective of our customers but also the end user and their experience.

Success Stories

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Measuring Success

The Matworks is changing the way our customers measure the success of their flooring program. We are passionate in providing a Comprehensive Model with a proven track record in positively affecting our customers in key areas such as:

  1. The Customers Experience
  2. Employee Satisfaction
  3. Workplace Safety
  4. Reducing Operating Costs

As your partner in success, the Matworks constantly strives to improve the methods by which we measure progress and achievement for our customers. Whether it is reducing operating expenses, identifying and customizing solutions or increasing your employees’ satisfaction, we are singularly focused on your organization’s goals and mission.