How does a flooring company get into cleaning?

What is TEC?

Impressed with the service, attention to detail and professionalism we had been providing for their flooring products and installations, our customers began to ask if we would like to manage the cleaning in their stores as well. Given their history with Matworks, they felt we could provide a better product. Additionally, because we had been designing and installing flooring and entrances throughout the country for nearly 50 years, we knew first-hand the impact the right solution had on safety and maintenance costs.

Matworks made the decision in 2007 to invest in starting a full service turn-key service division, however, we did not want to be like everyone else…we truly wanted to differentiate ourselves, and we have.

Research told us:


  • Service levels promised but are not delivered
  • Work is not completed correctly or on time
  • Customers lost trust
  • There is not enough visibility in what happens in the field
  • The right data is not provided to the customers
  • Customers didn’t know what they were paying for


Built from the same principles that led Matworks to be a leading provider in flooring products for national retailers, TEC began. This simple acronym defines the key principles we operate by: Transparency, Ethics, and Committed Account Supervision.

We recognize that an immaculate facility has a critical impact on the customers’ experience, employees’ satisfaction and most importantly – the brand.

Today, the Matworks TEC division is represented through three key services: Cleaning, Installation and Concrete Care. We are fortunate to work with many major retailers throughout the US, currently we service over a thousand sites. The TEC division represents nearly half the company revenue and continues to be a major focus in our future growth.


What is TEC?

Transparency – Open Books

Honesty is one of our core values, and we share our internal operational costs with our customers. From our initial financial models prepared during the bidding phase through ongoing service operations, the Matworks provides a detailed planned versus actual reporting and analysis.

Ethics – We Deliver What We Promise…And We Don’t Charge For What Don’t Deliver.

With nearly 50 years servicing retail, our reputation is who we are. We create value in our relationships by focusing on exemplary service delivery – NOT on increasing our margins at the expense of performance. We know the importance of trust in building strong partnerships, and we work hard every day to earn that trust.

Committed Account Supervision

Our operating model is unique in the industry. The Matworks manages our services through dedicated Area QA Managers and QA Associates in the field. These managers are “account specific” – meaning they work only for their assigned customer and NOT on a territorial basis. This allows 100% focus on store service needs.

TEC Vision: 

  • To be the catalyst to changing the industry
  • To be so good and so successful (in customer satisfaction, growth and profitability) that the industry copies our values and practices
  • …and we teach them how.

 TEC Mission: 

  • To prove that our values and professionalism are the best way to manage.
  • To utilize the brains and hearts, in addition to the hands, of “our” technicians. To make them part of the team, provide them with honorable work and just reward. They will be the secret weapon of a truly great cleaning company.
  • To change this industry. To be the catalyst. To be so good and so successful (in growth and profitability) that the industry copies our values and practices…and we teach them how.
  • We succeed where others have failed through a unique philosophy and operating strategy that truly makes a difference.


The Matworks offers expert advice for every commercial flooring need, email us with any questions and we will respond with a custom solution:

About The Matworks

The Matworks is a team of individuals with vast industry knowledge, committed to supporting the core values of its employees and customers. By taking a holistic approach, we are positioned to understand the needs, challenges and risks associated with all flooring solutions.


The Matworks offers more than four decades of expertise combined with the dexterity to be entrepreneurial, we are more than a flooring company – we are risk managers, business advisors and partners in your success. Our comprehensive flooring solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.