Future Leaders Program

Together, we have the power to change young lives…

future leaders program

That’s the exciting promise of the Future Leaders Program, a caring partnership of local business leaders, education professionals and The Matworks.

Through this unique initiative, deserving youngsters are enrolled in Cristo Rey, whose network of 33 private high schools serve many of the nation’s most needy communities. Cristo Rey students participate in a customized work-study program, which provides both a superior college-prep education and invaluable exposure to real world, business and corporate en-vironments and the career opportunities they represent for the future.

Your organization can help kids break the cycle of poverty that, left unchecked, is all too often an impassable barrier to per-sonal growth, self worth, learning and economic success. There’s no cost to you. Student tuition is earned by the work per-formed one day per week at your place of business and is fully funded by The Matworks.

If you’d like to be a part of this special community service effort, we’ll be happy to discuss all the requirements and mea-surable benefits with you.

Program Highlights

  • 100% College acceptance rate
  • Promotes diversity
  • Transformational experiences and learning opportunities
  • A pipeline of quality, fully-vetted job candidates
  • No payroll, tax or HR requirements

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