Entrance Mats: A Simple Way to Reduce Interior Maintenance Costs

An estimated 80% of soil brought into a facility is carried in on our shoes, and according to one study, the cost to remove dirt and debris is 63 cents per customer per year. Even a cursory estimate for a mid-sized retailer shows floor maintenance costs are a high dollar expense. So without reducing the amount of foot traffic entering your store, how can your organization save on maintenance costs?

Most experts agree – an effective entrance matting system is the right solution to not only reduce maintenance costs but also to improve safety, protect your investment in interior flooring, improve your image, create a better first impression and achieve better indoor air quality.

With so many products, configurations and considerations today it’s hard to know what the right entrance system is, but here are a few key details the Matworks has learned after almost 50 years in the commercial flooring industry:

Size Matters

  • For high traffic entrances, the larger the matting system the better
  • Providing a longer mat – no matter the size of the entrance – means more surface area to capture dirt, debris and moisture
  • A good rule of thumb for running length is as follows:


Weather Conditions # of Walking Steps # of Feet Based on an Average 30 inch Pace
Snow 10-12 25 – 30 feet
Rain 8-10 20 – 25 feet
Dry 6-8 15 – 20 feet


Matting Styles


  • Walk-off mats are an economical and easy way to maintain your first line of defense; these solutions offer flexibility without sacrificing quality
  • Scraper mats are typically constructed of high-density polypropylene fiber, which is coarser and traps more dirt and debris. These products can be surface-mounted or recessed and come in tiles for easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Grid systems (also known as drop-through systems) are the workhorse solution for high-traffic entrances or in environments where moisture is a consideration. Typically constructed from a combination of aluminum and high-density polypropylene carpet or PVC, these systems can withstand heavy loads and are useful indoors or out.


Through our experience, we recognize there are many factors to evaluate when determining what type of entrance system or combination of systems, is appropriate. For more information about the solutions we provide, visit the Entrance Solutions section of our site. 


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