Core Values

Our Statement of Purpose

To improve the lives of our employees, their families and all whom we touch in business by living our core values in all our business dealings.

These three simple tenets are the pillars of the Matworks business approach.


The Matworks has created a business where high standards, authenticity and transparency are not just priorities but expected by customers, partners and employees.


Building a reputation of integrity can take years, even decades, but can be lost in a flash. The Matworks regards the commitment to integrity exceedingly important in supporting organizational stability and trust.


The most influential and successful businesses are also leaders in service to their customers. We understand your organization’s dedication to customer service because it is how we strive to create the same experience for ours.

We Believe

The work place is where we are able to do the most “good.”
Through our work we have the opportunity to be an example to others. It is where we can have a significant impact on the most people in our lives.

We have one set of values for home and for work.
In so doing, we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, grow, and elevate our home lives.

We will pursue excellence as measured against our potential and our opportunities.
Companies and people are always getting better or worse, they do not stay the same.