Category Spotlight: Grocery Flooring Options

With so many surface areas to cover and limitless product options, the process of identifying the right solution can be time consuming and often confusing. While we always recommend hiring an expert to help inform and guide the conversation, it is helpful to know which areas of a retail environment call for certain products. For this example, we are using a grocery store to highlight the various areas and usage of flooring materials.

Why is it so important to know what product goes where? As we’ve discussed, most slip and fall claims, which are extremely costly and lead to serious injuries, are the result of not having the right flooring system in place. And also, the right flooring can reduce employee fatigue and lead to better productivity.

Area: Entrance

Let’s start with the entrance, which could be an entire series of its own but for this example we’ll focus on a grocery store with above average traffic in an area where moisture is a factor.

Option: Grid system for the vestibule with walk-off mats (available with your store’s logo) in the interior entrance to minimize dirt, debris and moisture entering the store.

Areas: Produce, Meat & Seafood Counters, Deli

Produce areas can be wet and therefore slippery. Choosing a system that is easy to maintain, water resistant and offers ample drainage is critical. Mats without proper drainage will take longer to dry and wear out faster.

Option: Light Cuisine does double-duty as an anti-fatigue mat as well as an anti-slip option. A favorite for wet areas because of its slip resistant qualities and low maintenance cleaning.

Area: Cashier Stands

Employees can stand for long periods of time, leading to fatigue and stress on their legs and backs. This fatigue can cause reduced productivity, higher workers compensation claims and even injuries.

Option: Luxury King is an anti-fatigue product available as mats or rolled goods suitable for dry areas.

Area: Pharmacy

Like cashiers, pharmacists stand for many hours at a time while filling prescriptions and working with customers. Unlike cash registers though, the work area for pharmacy employees often covers the whole pharmacy area and may require a larger option than a smaller mat.

Option: Preference Eze is the best of both worlds – a durable carpet top with foam backing for anti-fatigue purposes. Designed and manufactured exclusively by the Matworks, this product is a favorite of pharmacists.

These are just a few areas to think about when considering flooring options in a grocery store. Factors such as geography, foot traffic, maintenance and store layout also need to be analyzed when making purchasing decisions.

As an expert in retail flooring, we can help you identify areas where consumers may perceive shortcomings in your store’s entryway and beyond. Contact us with any questions and we will respond with a custom solution:


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