Amazon Go and the Future of Grocery Shopping

Amazon has been a leader in innovation when it comes to improving the shopping experience for the past two decades. Their improvements to the way we as consumers shop has led the industry – and they keep on improving the introduction of Amazon Go.

Amazon Go is essentially a grocery store with a catch – there are no check-out lines. There’s no need to wait in line for the next available cashier or finding something for entertainment while in line. You just walk in, pick up what you need, and leave. Amazon claims this is possible through new computer learning technology that charges you for whichever item you pick up and leave with. Once you leave, Amazon will charge your account what you picked up. This is the future of grocery stores.

Amazon’s commitment to customer service is unparalleled. This dedication to make shopping easy, comfortable, and fun is one of the reasons they are one of the top retailers in the world. They aim to provide the best shopping experience to their consumers. Like Amazon, The Matworks is also committed to providing the best products with the best customer service.

The Matworks and our wide range of products like our LVTs and entrance mats provide a first impression that is second to none. They can aid Amazon and their transition into physical stores by providing an appealing shopping experience.

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Consumers will feel more comfortable stepping onto one of our grocery mats. Our products can make the consumers want to come back to a place they feel is aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable. Not only do they benefit the consumer, but the store as well by trapping in dirt and debris from the outside and being easy to clean. And with safety as another value that we uphold company-wide, our mats prevent slips and falls.

These Amazon Go stores will retain the same standards to customer service as their online storefront. This all starts with the floors. It is the first thing the consumer experiences in the store. A comfortable and attractive walking service will make the shopping experience that much better.

Amazon Go’s increasing interest and praise is a sign that the grocery store is far from dying, it’s at a resurgence. Things can only look up for the industry and The Matworks is catching this wave.

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